First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit

For that OUCH! moment

I usually have a small first aid kit with me when out in the woods. At least when the trip last more than a day.

My kit is in a small red bag. There are no particular reasons why I use that bag other than I got it as a gift.

The zip closed pack measures 14cm x 12cm x 6cm and has a belt attachment on its back.

The kit contains:


  • Some small first aid pamphlets.
  • 20 adhesive bandages of various sizes.
  • 4 adhesive dressings.
  • A compression bandage for larger cuts.
  • Some plaster for blisters (Compeed).
  • Butterfly strips.
  • 4 antiseptic wipes. 
  • A tube of Tea tree oil.
  • Some pain killers (Paracet/Ibux).
  • Tweezers.
  • Tick remover
  • A syringe. 
  • Safety pins.
  • Small bar of soap
  • A pair of vinyl gloves.
  • A triangular bandage.
  • Small scissors.


Some of the items I have had use for during the years I’ve been bushcrafting and some of them not. But who knows, some day you will need that compression bandage.

Small cuts from saw and knives are easy to get. I’ve never been seriously cut, but it is nice to stop the blood from staining gear and clothes. An adhesive bandage does the trick.

Small blisters occasionally occur and the Compeed plasters are great for covering these up. Being able to walk is most important in the wild.

Remember that cell phone coverage could be non existent many places. No one will help you if they can’t hear you scream.

You will probably find that the kit contains too little or too much for your needs. But just adjust my content to make it work for you or make one from scratch yourself.

There are many good books and web sites on putting together a first aid kit, and also in the use of it.

And if you have the opportunity you should take a first aid course.

Just remember to make the kit in a size that you actually will carry with you in the woods. You have no use for a well equipped kit lying at home.

And you will not be able to make a kit for every thinkable injury. That is why they build hospitals.