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What we need to live

Many people regard searching for food as their first task in a situation of crisis (lost in the wilderness).

Food is the least important issue when it comes to "survival" as most people are rescued before starving to death.

In Norway most people being lost are found after just a few days, unless they are already dead (heart failure, fall from cliffs….).

People lying still in the terrain are hard to find. They don’t show on thermal cameras either, obviously.

A person could go for 3 weeks without food and survive (some times even more) provided he has enough water.

You have to go back to the days of the explorers, Nansen and Amundsen, to find that food was an issue in wilderness survival.

And how many of us are going to try crossing the poles or spending a winter in Novaja Semlja? I think very few.

But I still believe that some pages about foraging and hunting has value.

Food is important to your metal health and to keep your strength and maintain body heat.

It is nice to know that one have the skills to survive from starvation if one had to.

And besides, it is also fun to be able to "live of the land" when out camping or practicing bushcraft.

It is also a matter of being prepared.


This site will contain no information on Fungi. I don’t know much about fungi myself.

I only know a few, both edible and inedible.

In my opinion the risk of making mistakes (deadly ones) are too high for me to begin writing about them.

That said I pick mushrooms in fall and eat them, at home, never when out camping.


I’m also cautious when eating filter feeders (Cockles, Mussels), and always check the web pages from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, “Matportalen, Blåskjellvarsel”, before I eat any.