Fire bag

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Fire bag

Means to make fire in a waterproof container

A fire bag is a handy thing to have in a wet environment.

The bag is nothing top secret, just a waterproof bag, Ortlieb, Tatonka, Sea to Summit or in my case a 3 litre Lifeventure, filled with stuff you need, or at least make it easier to start a fire.

My bag is red as it is easy to see and not so easy too loose or forget in the Woods.

The bag contains:

  • A gas lighter
  • A box of Kitchen matches and two boxes of "storm proof" matches which came With some fire Works someone purchased.
  • A Ferro rod with striker
  • A small bag of vaseline soaked Cotton balls
  • Some small bits of a bicyckle inner tire tube 
  • A couple of tea candles (only one left in my pouch).
  • Birch bark (usually much more than shown)

With such a bag one have all the things necessary to make fire in one place, both in standard camping and in an emergency.

And the contents are held dry at any times.

I fill it with new birch bark whenever I pass a three that has loose, dry bark.