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Outdoors equipment

What have you bought now

Much of the equipment one need in the woods or mountains could be made on site, but some equipment is hard or time consuming to make, and it is more convenient to bring them along with you (and of course more secure).

Below is a list if different item groups that I use when I’m out in the forest hunting, fishing or just for the sake of it.

For those of you who like a more primitive lifestyle I’ve also added a few how-to sections to some item groups.

I hope this will show you that camping, bushcrafting or whatever you call it, doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby.

That said I have a lot of expensive gear. Much of it I don’t even use.

But then again I just love outdoor clothes and equipment.

I admit being a gear addict.


Carrying your gear





First Aid Kit

Special winter equipment

Kit lists

You will probably notice that info about shelters is missing. But think I’ve covered that in the shelter page.

And those of you hard core guys missing a survival kit; all the gear I carry is my survival kit.

My thoughts about survival kits