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Kit list

What I actually have carried

I add a kit list to this web site to show what I actually carry when out in the woods.

And even more important, what I actually used (I know this from only a few trips as I was smart enough to write it down for later use).

Learning to pack light is an art (wich I still don`t master).

I have left out my clothing from this list as you will wear something anyway.

The outdoors clothing is not much different in weight than my everyday clothing.

In fact 20 years ago and beyond everyday clothing and woods clothes was the same.

Clothes mentioned in the lists are extras, carried in the rucksack.

Items like matches and lighters are also left out as they are carried as everyday items anyway.

Extended weekend fishing in Sulis (Balvatnet) 2019

Fair weather, temperatures between 14-5 degees Celsius.

  • Bergans rucksack, 60 litre
  • Expeed down mat 7lw with chair kit.
  • Sleeping bag, down (compact).
  • Cooking set
  • Coffee pot
  • Propane stove with fuel
  • Wild Country Zephyros 2
  • Binoculars (small)
  • Fishing gear.

       Pole, fishing reel and tackle.

  • Map and compass
  • Extra clothing.

       Socks, fleece shirt, mosquito jacket….

  • Food.

       Coffee, bread, butter, coffee cheese, cream cheese, "spekeskinke", choclate bars               (Snickers, Shco-ka-kola), Real turmat (freeze dried dinner).........

  • Power bank for charging the cell phone.
  • Small bag with insect repellent, tooth brush, towel, first aid kit (small) and TP.


All in all about 14 kiloes.

  • Cooking set not used, as my father had one too.
  • Too much food.
  • No need for a compass (usually not used)

Everything else was used.

Overnighter in Sørfjorden. September 2008.



Light to moderate rain, wind (strong at night), temperature was about 5-6° Celsius. The distance in to the camp was about 4.5 kilometres in fairly flat terrain.

Kit I had with me

Rucksack (Norwegian army)

Jerven tarp

Woolen blanket

Sleeping mat, foam, closed cell.

Tarp (old tent cover)

Sweater wool

Ekstra clothes:

•Socks wool


•Knitted wool hat

•Gloves wool

Cooking pot (Coleman set).


•0.5 kiloes of coffee.

•0,5 kiloes of bacon

•0,5 kiloes of flour

•150 grams coarse salt

•100 grams of raisins.

•100 grams of chocholate.


Compass and map


Candle lamp

Folding saw

Pipe and tobacco

Belt with knife and wooden cup

My firebag (see Fire page)

Axe (hunters axe from Wetterling)

Crook knife (homemade)

Journal with cover

Norinco JW-20, calibre. 22, auto rifle with silencer.

150 rounds of subsonic ammo for the rifle.

Total weight: 17.0 kiloes

Things I didn`t use

Candle lamp


Ekstra socks




Besides, the rifle was with me just for fun and not necessary at all. I used it a little both in the evening and morning. Sitting in your shelter plinking is quite fun.

Overnight trip in Heggmoen area, May 2004.



This was only to try out my Hennesy A-Sym hammock.

Only 1 kilometer walking to the camp ground.

Weather was fine, about 5-6 degrees Celsius.

A little hail and sleet at night as the temperature dropped to around zero.

Kit I carried:

Rucksack. Alice pack, large.

Hennesy A-Sym hammock.

Coffee pot.


Woolen sweater.

Sleeping bag. Ajungilac Igloo.

Knife (Helle skarping).

Army canteen.


500 grams of coffee.

Dried meat.

Total weight: 7,5 kiloes

Everything was used. And I missed my sleeping mat as I got cold on my back during the night.

Sørbotn trough Forkledalen to Norddalen, Hinnøya. 



Weekend fishing-, recreational trip late July 1987.

Distance walked in total was 13 kilometres (by air) in pretty steep terrain.

Temperature was between 10-20° Celsius.

I was together with 3 friends on this trip.

Kit I carried:

Rucksack 70 litre, external frame.

Sleeping bag (mummy type, unknown brand).

Closed cell foam mat

Wool sweater.

Gill net.

A fishing rod with reel.

A box of fishing lures

1 otter board with line and fishing flies.

1 roll of toilet paper

Knife (8 inch Strømeng).


•1 loaf of bread

•500 grams of butter

•200 grams of salami

•500 grams of coffee.

Map and compass.

Total weight: About 14 kiloes

Drakvatnet July 1986.

Fishing trip, duration, two nights.

Distance to the spot was 3 kilometres.

Steep terrain the last km, about 300 meter climb (real distance from home was about 8 kilometres as I used a bicycle to get to the starting point).

This was a trip together with a friend.

Weather was good. Temperature between 15-20 degrees celsius.

Kit I carried:

Rucksack 70 liters, external frame.

Sleeping bag (mummy type, unknown brand).

Extra wool sweater

Knife (8” Strømeng).

1 roll of toilet paper.

2 gill nets.

Fishing rod with reel.

Box of fishing lures.

Coffee pot (aluminium).

Cooking pot (aluminium).

Friyng pan (aluminium).


•1 loaf of bread

•0.5 kiloes of margerine

•250 grams of “spekepølse”

•Some bags of soup powder.

1 inflatable boat with oars (carried it half the way each).

Total weight ex. Inflatable boat: About 13 kiloes

Everything was used.